Lady Liberty Ball
Madame Renaud
Ste Mere Eglise

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2008 Locust Valley Students Host Summer Dances to Rekindle History - Operation Democracy

The focus of rekindling Operation Democracy will be to start in the hearts of children through education. Kaye Weninger (Locust Valley Chamber of Commerce President) and Cathy Soref, Co-Executive Directors of the newly rekindled Operation Democracy, have reached out to the local students of the community and the headmasters to help meet this goal.  Over the past year they have been planning with a Junior Committee the idea to have a benefit dance that would be put on by the local students to raise funds and awareness to their local history—that of which they should be proud of. 

Over sixty local students formed two dance committees (30+ students on each) all from the surrounding areas of Locust Valley. The Dances will be held in NYC at Battery Gardens overlooking the Statue of Liberty (a reminder of Franco/American relationships not only between all of the United States and France  but also to remind the young adults of their history of Operation Democracy and where it all began-Locust Valley and Ste. Mere Eglise.)

Lily Gray, who grew up in Locust Valley has been overseeing the committees and planning the dances. She designed the new logo for Operation Democracy, it is a heart shape with the world inside, outlined as a peace sign with wings, showing the American Flag and French Flag. This idea sparked from the concept of sister cities, when Locust Valley adopted Sainte Mere Eglise, France, the first town liberated during the invasion of Normandy during WWII, generating the history of Operation Democracy.

 Each night a charity has been picked to where the proceeds will go: Thurs, June 26 (21years +) Lady Liberty Ball will benefit a comprehensive after school program for elementary school aged children in the historic town of Salt, Jordan through the Middle East Children’s Institute and Friday, June 27th, (under 21) will benefit school supply kits for Children in war torn areas through Operation Iraqi Children.

 To purchase tickets online: www.operationdemocracy.com or call 516-637-8496.  Even if you are unable to attend, these local students are looking for support of their community to make this successful.
Sometimes we all need to be reminded of what was started in our own backyard. Locust Valley should be so proud of their history and take pride in what the community did 60 years ago. Visit the rock located in the center of the hamlet in front of Chase Bank and read what started in the hearts of a community and is making history by continuing on today in our Locust Valley children.

Junior Operation Democracy Committee

(Notel students from Locust Valley and the surrounding areas-Ages 17-28)

Co-Chairs Benefit Committee
Jacqueline Valls & Lily M. Gray

Benefit Committee
Alex Webel, Alexandra Sklansky, Amanda Lynch, Ashley Banker, Christina Porter, Christopher F. Randolph Jr., Clifton Teagle, Dana Powers, David M. Knott Jr., David R. Holmes, Jr., Eduardo Canet, Elliott L. Pool, Evan W. Uhlick, Graham Gardiner, H. Carter Hilliard, Jamie Schiff, John O’Kane, Kate Dehne, Kim D. Cushny, LeeLee Robinson, Lily Evans, Lindsay Smith, Margaux Powers, Michael B. Linchitz, Peter Lynch, Peter. T. Dirkes, Peter Webel, Reed Coleman, Ronald Horman, Rylan Soref, Taylor T. Robinson, Victoria Miller, Whitney Maxwell, William Daley

Co-Chairs Junior Committee
Colton Soref, Crystal Lynch, Lily Haydock, Teddy Hull
Junior Committee
Alejandro Canet, Austen Wells, Belton Baker, Billy Bitter, Brittany Brock,Caitlin Dirkes,Caitlin Lesko,Chloe LaBranche,Cornelia L. Miller, Cryder Bancroft, Diana Trimble, Elizabeth Hayes, Elizabeth Robie, Erin Loeb, Francesca Liotti, Georgie Turner, Hilary H. Copp, Isabel Vandeventer, Jamie Wilson, Jessica Steller, Joanie Choremi, Laura Van Ingen, Matthew Restiano, Nicholas C. Remsen, Nina Haydock, Paris Brock, Peter Wilson, Zachary Remsen