Painting for peace
Ste Mere Eglise
Madame Renaud

The rekindled Operation Democracy seeks to carry on the legacy from the original Operation Democracy (formed in 1947) from a humanitarian, non-partisan perspective through culture, education, children and the community of the hamlet of Locust Valley and the surrounding areas.

The original Operation Democracy was conceived in Locust Valley, New York in 1947 as a grass roots effort to supplement the Marshall Plan. Underlying this movement, Operation Democracy was an exciting enterprise, containing all the best elements of human impulse; it was a spontaneous gesture in response to humanitarian need.  It was a hands on project, a citizen’s grass roots effort from a non-governmental, non-political perspective; immediately, generous and genuine.

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Citizens of Locust Valley popularized the concept of “sister cities” by adopting Sainte Mere Eglise, the first town liberated during the invasion of Normandy. Our hometown hero, Gen. Theodore Roosevelt, Jr, who led the charge in the first wave on Utah beach, was buried alongside 13,000 American soldiers in Sainte Mere Eglise. Within a year nearly 200 American cities had followed Locust Valley’s lead, adopting sister cities all over the world.  (Creating Sister Cities International in 1956 by President Eisenhower.) The legacy continues today with hundreds of towns all over the world perpetuating this tradition of friendship.

With the released documentary (2010), “Mother of Normandy”, the rekindled (2006) Operation Democracy seeks to carry on this legacy with the reinstitution of their historic concept- the belief that peace cannot be achieved by governments alone but must start in the hearts of people themselves.  It was felt that no government process could be a substitute for human understanding and that some way had to be found for the average American to do something about peace. Operation Democracy first mission is to educate students of the future generation the importance of our Veterans and our active duty soldiers, that we will "Never Forget". Operation Democracy has created educational programs that have been a great success to the history of this charity.

This non-profit organization (501C3)will be working with the local schools in Locust Valley,as their goals will be to not only education students about humanitarianism but will be used as an educational, cultural and community events exchange between the schools. 


  1. Fund and sponsor educational program like: Painting for Peace, Flags for Freedom, Veterans Day Remembered, IPADS for Wounded Warriors, Poppies for Peace, Normandy Remembered, Theatre Exchanges, Students Exchanges
  2. Fund and sponsor students and faculty from a war torn area to visit our local schools during the school semester.
  3. Our ultimate goal is to continue to build a strong relationship with the village of Sainte Mere Eglise and to find ways to educate future generations the importance of peace and unity.
Resurrecting Operation Democracy is a way of reestablishing, refueling and propelling once again the strength of the American character, the courage of the American heart. s