painting for peace
Ste Mere Eglise
Madame Renaud
  Past Present


The original "Operation Democracy" was conceived in Locust Valley, in 1947 as a grass roots effort to supplement the Marshall Plan. Its mission was to 'Spread the concepts of freedom and democracy around the world’. Underlying this movement was the belief that peace cannot be achieved by governments alone but must start in the hearts of people themselves.

After much paper work, the original name Operation Democracy, Inc. was officially declared active once again (2009) and received 501c3 status in 2011. Today, under the same mission rekindled Operation Democracy wants to particularly engage focus on children and education through the communities.

As this effort grows, we think it will be difficult to tell who is the donor and who is the recipient, as all sides will receive gifts. This is a beautiful educational vehicle, a conduit to learning, of being aware of current events, of meeting a pen pal, of fostering the generosity of the human spirit that will carry on.

Sometimes we need to be reminded of what was started in our own backyard. Locust Valley should be so proud of their history Operation Democracy and take pride in what their community did 70 years ago. The original founders of Operation Democracy would be pleased to see what has rekindled in Locust Valley. The spark may have dimmed for a few years in LV but has been relit in the eyes of a few enthusiastic residents. Today, they honor the memory of the hearts of the citizens of Locust Valley and Operation Democracy (1947) but are making a new chapter to “Never Forget” and continues their mission in hopes of making a difference—one color at a time, painting a way to Peace.

Take the time to visit the rock (dedicated in February 2006) located in the center of the hamlet (Forest Avenue in front of Chase Bank) and honor those people who started not only a community organization but an organization that went to be come a national organization in the history books—because of what was in their hearts.

On the rock, you will read the beautiful poem- titled Locust Valley, written by Mde. Simone Renaud to the people of Locust Valley; it gives heartfelt thanks from a community across the ocean, remembering not only their heroes- the soldiers who gave their lives for their freedom but also to the community, who helped make a difference by giving them hope to rebuild the future. This was the start of the bond between Locust Valley and Ste. Mere Eglise and the spark that generated Operation Democracy.

Never can we forget your kindly aid

Our children raise their hands for you in prayer

The more because our sons with you are laid

In Norman earth together sleeping there.

Oh may the flowers we lay upon their graves

Distill their perfume on your distant air…